Do Professional Restoration Tools and Equipment Make A Difference In Water Damage Clean Up?

water damage cleanup tuscaloosaEveryone has cleaned up a spill within the home sometime in your life. Maybe you needed a roll of paper towels, a mop bucket, or a squeegee to get the water out. But for a substantial leak or flood, simple cleaning supplies from under the sink will not be sufficient. Top of the line equipment, combined with knowledgeable service, help professionals outperform any DIY cleanup, a housekeeper, or a handyman. 

Water Damage Cleanup in Tuscaloosa

Every disaster is different. Each water damaged area will need specialized equipment to achieve the best results. As a customer, you will want to choose a restoration team with the option to access any equipment your home requires for the fastest and most successful restoration. Restoration 1 of Tuscaloosa will assess your situation and use many tools, including:

Moisture Detection 

Moisture can get trapped in small areas that you can’t see. Water damage restoration industry pros have access to several tools to identify and measure the moisture still remaining in the space. Hygrometers measure water vapor in the air, or relative humidity.

Moisture meters use electromagnetic sensors to determine the location of the moisture. Pin-type moisture meters have two metal probes that penetrate the wood’s surface to measure the resistance as electrical current flows from pin to pin. 

Pinless wood moisture meters take a reading via an electromagnetic sensor pad. This tool comes into contact with the wood surface but does not physically damage it. They are faster because they can scan many points in a quick swipe. Your restoration team will use multiple types of moisture detection tools throughout the project. 

  • Water Removal: Since any unwanted moisture can lead to mold growth and additional damage, the team will deploy an arsenal of tools to quickly pump out and remove any standing water. Water removal equipment could include extraction units, portable flood pumps, and high-volume water vacuums (or all three.) 
  • Dehumidifying: Standard dehumidifiers that are helpful in musty basements are not powerful enough to combat active water damage. Professional restoration contractors utilize more powerful, commercial LGR (low-grain refrigerant) dehumidifiers that can work in a broader temperature range than home models. Some units even have bluetooth technology for monitoring, data tracking and other high-tech functionality. 
  • High Tech Fan Options: Much more effective than household box fans, the enhanced technology in professional equipment allows for faster drying. Also known as air blowers, air movers work alongside dehumidifiers to remove moisture from drywall, flooring, and carpet. 
  • Air Blowers: Two main types of air blowers might both be needed to dry your room. Axial air blowers are used to dry materials like flooring from the top down. Centrifugal air movers can change the direction and  are used when guiding air to specific areas, like under cabinets or behind drywall.
  • Air movers can improve the circulation behind walls; small holes might be cut into sheetrock to get airflow from the air mover into that area. Depending on the damage and your home’s configuration, the air movers can be “daisy chained” to maximize the existing power outlet in the area. In a situation like this, professional equipment can dry the area in a couple of days instead of weeks. 
  • Air purifiers: Also known as air scrubbers, can control large amounts of dust and mold, improving the air quality. The indoor polluted air is sucked into the purifier through a fan, and passes through the filter system and filter element. The fine particles and odor gasses in the air are trapped and as safe carbon dioxide and water are released. Plus, if your job site is category 3, or black water damage, air purifiers are necessary to help remove the bacteria and harmful elements of the water left in the affected areas. They are one more layer in keeping your home and family safe.  

Dependable Water Damage Restoration In Tuscaloosa 

Working quickly will lessen the amount of damage and lower the potential of mold. Proper equipment speeds up the water damage restoration process; using household equipment will cause more expensive damage in the long run. Ensure your restoration professionals have access to the industrial-grade equipment and tools required to care for your home.

Restoration 1 of Tuscaloosa is a locally owned service company that specializes in emergency mitigation and restoration services. As a franchisee of a national company, they have both the expertise and resources available to restore your Tuscaloosa home or business. Call to learn more.