Five Indications Of Water Damage

water damage company northportThe key to preventing and mitigating water damage is catching the damage quickly before it has the chance to spread and worsen. Although some water damage can happen suddenly and create a chaotic mess, the little leaks and small problems can leave evidence that if caught quickly can save you time, heartache, and money in the future. 

Water Damage Company Northport

Restoration 1 of Tuscaloosa knows a few things about water damage clean-up, and our experts in Northport want to share with you five clues that you may have a water damage problem in your home. 

Water Stains

Water stains are unsightly, and can be an obvious indication of water damage. More so than other indications that could just be the result of minor damage, water stains indicate a major water damage problem. This is because water stains do not develop overnight. It takes days or even weeks of prolonged exposure to water before stains develop on your walls or your ceiling. Call a professional water damage restoration company right away if you notice any water stains in your home.

Humidity And Dampness

Unexplained increases in the humidity level in your home can tip you off to a potential water damage problem. To identify the source of the increased humidity, look for wet surfaces in your home that should not be wet. For example, check counters, walls, and any nooks and crannies where water may have a tendency to accumulate.

Dripping Noises

While the sound of water dripping is obvious, leaking water can sometimes take on deceptive sounds in a home. Listen closely when the house is at its quietest moments (nighttime when the traffic outside is at a minimum and most people are sleeping). Water leaks can sometimes be identified by a scratching or rushing noise not necessarily associated in our minds with water. Overall, if you notice strange sounds in your home and can’t identify the source, call our professional restoration company to investigate.

Soft Spots Or Damaged Paint

Along with water stains, you may also detect water damage in your walls through their texture. Water-damaged walls may be soft or wet to the touch. Moreover, other signs like peeling paint or wallpaper can also be clues to water damage behind your walls. 

Unexplained Health Problems

Finally, because water damage inevitably leads to mold growth, a prolonged water damage problem in your home could lead to mold issues and eventually health problems. This occurs as mold releases toxic spores into the air in your home that is associated with a raft of health problems like coughing, sneezing, irritated eyes, itchy skin, and a sore throat.

As you can see, there are many different signs that can take you off to potential water damage issues in your home. If you notice any one of these, make sure that you act without delay to investigate the issue and take action right away if you find any damage. Finally, if you do detect any damage, make sure you contact the professionals at Restoration 1 of Tuscaloosa so we can restore the damage for you.