Tragedy Strikes Twice: Resolving issues from two separate floods in the home.

An impending water disaster at the time of purchase

This wonderful family found and purchased a home that had already been through a water restoration process with a previous company 6 months prior. All of the hardwood flooring, counter tops, and some drywall had to be removed by the previous mitigation company. Even in this state, the family decided to purchase this home and make it their own. 

Imagine purchasing your new home, and immediately following the closing process, you walk in to find that the home was flooded again. It seemed as if the home had been purposefully flooded by someone. A sink had been plugged and the water left running. The home was severely damaged by the water infiltration. Shane and his family were faced with this most unfortunate and tragic situation.

Home Entry

Entry Hallway

Before Dehumidification

After Dehumidification

The Water Damage Restoration Process

Our Restoration 1 team in Tuscaloosa, Alabama stepped in and began the water removal and repair process. We removed the carpet, pad, baseboards and many other things. During the mitigation process, we had the opportunity to see how the first company treated the home. Holes were left in the walls and sloppy cuts had been made.  Improper tools and techniques had been used to remove and repair different parts of the home. Drywall was removed in unnecessary places and wasn’t removed on several exterior walls that contained insulation. We removed these trouble areas and found mold. After sharing our knowledge with Shane, he took further action. Desiring to help and rid his home of anything that could be harmful to his family, Shane jumped in and removed the built-in cabinets, the firebox, and anything he thought could have mold behind it. The water damage restoration was completed with success. Shane and his family are now living happily and safely in their new home, without the risk of mold or any water related odors.

A successful water damage repair and a friend gained

Our team became close friends with Shane and his family during the mitigation process and we are glad to have been able to help in their time of need. We take this same approach with all of our clients. With hard work and dedication to the job, we are able to turn home disasters and horror stories into happy endings!