Four Of The Most Challenging Parts Of Water Damage Cleanup

water damage restoration tuscaloosaWater damage restoration in Tuscaloosa is no small task. It is a time-consuming, physically-demanding endeavor that is best handled by those with professional experience.

Water Damage Restoration In Tuscaloosa

From our water damage restoration experts at Restoration 1 of Tuscaloosa, here are four of the most challenging aspects of water damage cleanup that we regularly encounter. 

Fast Drying

The most urgent and time-challenging aspect of water damage restoration is removing the water in a timely manner. While it takes considerable time to pump the standing water out of a home during a flood, it takes even more time to dry out all the remaining moisture that seeped into the walls, carpet, and furniture. The longer it takes to remove the moisture, the greater the overall water damage will be. 

This is made even more urgent by the fact that mold can begin growing as soon as 24 hours after a flood. This means that there is an extremely short window for drying out a flooded home before mold starts to set in. Overall, it’s not always possible to prevent this, and sometimes drying can take a while. What is critical is that you act as fast as possible after a flood to begin the water removal process as soon as possible.

Being Completely Thorough

Water can seep into all the cracks, corners, and crevices of your home. When removing water after a flood, it is extremely challenging to make sure that every last drop of floodwater is purged from the home. Failing to miss even small spots of moisture, however, can have significant long-term consequences. For instance, a small amount of moisture in a hidden corner of the basement can quickly begin growing mold which will gradually spread throughout the home releasing its harmful spores into the air. The challenge of being thorough during the restoration process is best handled by contacting a professional water damage restoration company with the skills and resources necessary to remove the floodwater from your home for good. 

Preventing Mold Growth

As mentioned above, mold growth is a serious problem after water damage. It can’t always be prevented depending on the volume of water and how much of your home is affected, but you can keep it to a minimum by responding quickly and making sure water is removed as soon as possible. 

Prioritizing Safety

A common mistake people make is jumping right into the restoration process without realizing the potential hazards. These hazards include floodwater contaminated by dangerous bacteria and microorganisms, hidden structural damage, and compromised electrical systems. Make safety your top priority by contacting a professional water damage restoration company and avoiding the safety hazards of water damage cleanup.

As you can see, these aspects of the water damage restoration process are no joke. They require serious time and effort and should be handled by professional restoration technicians. To help you deal with these difficult issues, give us a call at Restoration 1 of Tuscaloosa, as soon as possible if your home is ever affected by a water damage disaster.